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Wild boar terrine with apricots

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The wild boar terrine with apricots from La Maison du Gibier will whet your guests' appetite. Although the main course is the centerpiece of your dinners, it is still essential to present appetizers, appetizers or entrees to your diners.

On these occasions, La Maison du Gibier invites you to try its wild boar terrine with apricots. Whether you  serve it on rusk , cracker or bread , the sweet taste of apricots will enhance the aromas of the flesh of the wild boar .

Refined entry opening the appetite, our wild boar terrine with apricots will please your guests. Decorate it with a field fruit or a walnut and enjoy the succulence of this processed game .

This wonderfully made game terrine is very similar to a liver pâté or foie gras mousse. For a late-night snack or a successful dinner, try La Maison du Gibier's boar terrines with apricots .