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Urban Blue

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Urban Blue is rich and creamy with just a hint of that pungency that makes blue cheese so delightful; while some blues can be the abrasive and overly forthright guest at a party, Urban Blue is charming and refined preferring to let you quietly discover how wonderful she is rather than shouting it at you from across the room. 

Made with Nova Scotia's purest cow's milk, double cream Urban blue delivers incredible mushroomy, umami flavours without being pungent or salty. Inspired by Gorgonzola, Urban Blue is an approachable, versatile cheese with a tasty natural rind. 


Established in 2013, Blue Harbour Cheese Inc (BHC) is an artisanal cheese producer who specializes in hand-crafted European style cheeses. The company is unique in that it is the only URBAN cheesemaker in Nova Scotia, based in downtown Halifax. The facility houses the full range of cheesemaking operations where various blue and non-blue cheeses are in different phases of production, ripening and aging.