Tuyau de Poêle

Tuyau de Poêle

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The Tuyau de Poêle (stovepipe) has a gray, slightly flowery ash rind and a very white paste with a creamy and crumbly texture. Its aromas of fresh goat's milk reveal moderately spicy, lactic, slightly salty and delicately tart flavors.

The Ruban Bleu cheese dairy was one of the first to market goat cheese in Quebec. In the early 1980s, the newly retired city-dweller couple Denise Poirier and Jean-Paul Rivard bought a house in Saint-Isidore. In order to please their children, they bought some goats. As the surplus of milk was considerable, the couple then began to produce artisanal goat cheese. The name of the cheese factory was found around this time: the blue ribbon is the prize that one of their goats received in a competition.

Pairs well with Remy Pannier Sauvignon Blanc Val De Loire IGP

TYPE: Soft cheese with bloomy rind
MILK: Pasteurized goat milk
REGION; Monteregie
MAKER Blue Ribbon Cheese Factory
% FAT 20

7.95 / per 100g