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Produce Box Medium

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Monday Noon Deadline for Delivery on Friday or Saturday.

Ideal for a household of 2-4 people, this box contains an assortment of local fruits and vegetables (Based on availability and subject to substitutions. Products may change daily).

Box Includes: 
1x Carrots Multicolour Pack, Hillside Gardens
1x Onions Yellow 2lb, Hillside Gardens
1x Beets Mix, Hillside Gardens
1x Sweet Potato, Round Plains Plantation 
1x Garlic Cloves 150g, August's Harvest
1x Onions Cippolini Yellow 250g, August Harvest
1x Mushrooms Cremini, Unionville Mushrooms

2x Boston Lettuce Hydroponic, Heritage Greenhouse
1x Weekly Featured Living Greens, Sleger's Greenhouses
2x Tomato Beefsteak, Elmira's Own
1x Tomato Gourmet Grape Mix Pint, Elmira's Own
1x Tomato Red Grape Pint, Elmira's Own 
1x Eggplant Purple, St. David's Hydroponics 
1x Peppers Sweet Bell (Red, Yellow, Orange) 3 pack, St. David's Hydroponics 
1x Cucumber English, Fisherville Greenhouses
8x Apples Ambrosia and Gala, Norfolk Grower's