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As Canadian as carrying your canoe between two bodies of water, our Portage Selection includes uniquely Canadian inspired chocolate flavours.

Chocolate Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt. Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt smoked with Pacific Alderwood in the Salish native tradition of the Canadian pacific Northwest.

Ice Wine. Grapes are left on the vine to freeze before being hand picked, concentrating the sugars and producing a uniquely Canadian dessert wine. Ice Wine from Organic Winery Frog Ponds Farms, Niagara.

Maple Butter. Harvested in early spring, it takes About 40 liters of sap to produce one liter of pure maple syrup. Whipped with organic butter. Our Dark Organic Maple Syrup comes from Robinson’s Maple Farm in Auburn, Ontario.

Ontario Raspberry. Indigenous to Canada, this superfruit is delicious and pairs perfectly with our 72% chocolate. Berries from local sustainable farms in southern Ontario.

Dillon's Rye Whiskey. The classic Canadian Whiskey! Crafted using 100% Ontario rye and aged for four years in new Ontario oak, new American oak & first fill bourbon casks. This whiskey is then blended with Organic Cream, Butter and Chocolate. Whiskey from Dillon’s Distillery, Beamsville, On.

Niagara Cherries in Cab Franc. Cabernet Franc is an earthy, spicy red wine grape that flourishes in the Niagara Region. The same microclimate also produces cherries from centuries old cherry trees in Niagara courtesy of Warner Farms in Beamsville.

All Delight chocolates are hand made using Organic, Certified Fairtrade Chocolate and Organic or sustainable, locally sourced ingredients with no added preservatives.

All of our Chocolates are Soy free. Our Chocolates do not contain Gluten however we do work with flour, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy in our kitchen.

We recommend eating our chocolates within 30 days. Chocolates should be stored in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 14-18 Celsius (57-64 F) away from any direct sunlight or heat. Delight Chocolate’s do not need to be refrigerated however if they are stored in a fridge its best to take them out an hour before enjoyment.