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The Mattagami river flows through Smooth Rock Falls and Timmins, East of Kapuskasing.
The Mattagami is inspired by the Cantal, which is considered to be the ancestor of the Cheddar and popular during the Roman Empire. The Mattagami distinguishes itself from the Cantal by its weight (10 to 15 kg instead of 40) and its shape. 

This cheese pairs well with red wine or dry white wines, and can be treated as a Cheddar in recipes.
$6.95 per 100g.


Since 2011, Fromagerie Kapuskoise has been a dream in the making for François Nadeau. While travelling in Asia, where cheeses were scarce, he decided he wanted to pursue cheese making so he would never have to go without it. His new found passion had first brought him to Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec) in 2013 for basic training followed by in-depth training in France from September 2013 to June 2014. Upon his return, starting the project was his main objective:  finding a site, researching loans and grants, purchasing and obtaining permits from government agencies, and of course, renovating.  

To this day, our cheese facility proudly specializes in artisan products, meaning a greater attention to detail throughout the cheese making process from the reception of the milk to packaging.

Here at Fromagerie Kapuskoise, we are passionate about cheese and strive to produce high quality products.  Kapuskasing and its surrounding areas ​have been so supportive throughout the years and we are ecstatic to see our clientele growing world wide.  It goes without saying that we have made great progress since 2011 and this in large part because of our passionate customers: Thank you! We are eternally grateful to you all and are looking forward to many more years of production.