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Magie de Madawaska

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Soft cheese, washed rind - Cow's milk

Its washed rind is orange in color, sticky, supple and shiny. We occasionally notice dots of whitish foam on her dress. This cheese has a socky smell that has nothing to do with its spicy taste, much appreciated by consumers of more enhanced cheeses. Without question, it is the tastiest of the cheeses produced by our cheese factory.

In addition to expressing the pleasure of tasting it, Magie makes it possible to put the first names of the authors, Mario and Ginette, into contraction. The word Madawaska finds a double interpretation: on the one hand, it underlines the historical presence of the Maliseet Indians and, on the other hand, it recalls the existence of the Seigneury of Madawaska designating part of our current territory. Magie de Madawaska translates the historical notes that animate us.