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Comfort Cream 225g

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Camembert has an APO designation (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) which ensures that the cheese is made with strictly controlled ingredients and in a defined location.  One of these is the requirement to be made in a specific region of France.

Hence, although we cannot use the moniker “camembert’ to officially describe our cheese, Comfort Cream is a true camembert style and not to be mistaken with Brie. 

Comfort Cream’s higher ratio of rind to paste produces a slightly stronger profile when compared to a brie ripened for the same amount of time. Once the rind is cut on Comfort Cream it has a more pungent aroma than brie. The texture is softer than brie, and if warmed Comfort Cream will become creamier, whereas brie warms without losing as much structure.


Comfort Cream is a camembert-style soft, white bloomy rind cheese with a silky, creamy, golden interior. Rich flavours of fresh truffles prevail with an intense, buttery palate and a long, tangy finish. This delicate artisanal cheese is hand salted, hand turned and hand wrapped. We store Comfort Cream in our temperature and humidity-controlled cellars at exactly 95RH and 51C for at least 4 weeks before sale. An additional few weeks of aging will see the cheese ripen and mature in flavour, texture and colour.


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