Chili Pepper Gouda

Chili Pepper Gouda

Junction Fromagerie
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A smooth creamy Gouda with chili peppers giving it a hint of a bite on  the finish. Nothing to be afraid of, just the right amount of heat to make this cheese a special delight. Pasteurized Cows Milk, On. Approximately 225g. $8.95 Each


At Mountainoak Cheese, we strive to stay true to our roots making high quality products using only the best ingredients.

To achieve these high standards, we make sure we are part of the entire process.

We plant our own seed, care for and harvest our own crops. We treat our animals with respect and personal care.

We help take care of our environment, leaving the smallest possible  carbon footprint by producing our cheese right here on the farm with no  extensive travelling or cooling.  Just our own pure milk right into the  final product.

We seek to create an environment rich in potential for our employees. We are a family.

And finally, we work to bring to our customers a cheese of the  highest quality, made with only whole ingredients and a traditional  dutch recipe. Each cheese is handled with care daily, aged naturally,  bringing out the best characteristics of our milk and the work that has  gone into each step.