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Top Meadow Farms Beef Burgers from Artisan Farms.

4 X 5.3OZ $19.95 Frozen

Our Meat 

Our meat starts on a farm. Artisan Farms is a producer-focused organization; this means we put farmers first. We do this by supporting the hardworking farming families in our community- Grey County, Ontario, and Canada. We know the level of dedication, caring, and passion required to raise livestock on traditional farms, and to make a sustainable enterprise of doing so.

All our beef producer partners operate farms based on the 5 principles of sustainable beef.These are the keys to economically viable and environmentally sustainable beef production.Similar value systems are in place in other livestock-raising communities across the country.

All our meat is sustainably & humanely (born and) raised in Canada.

  • Raised without the use of added hormones
  • Raised without antibiotics
  • 100% Grass Fed
  • Organic
  • Raised on Ontario Family Farms
  • Heritage Breeds

Our Meat – on your plate

Not only can you feel good about how your meat was produced, you can also be confident in its quality and taste.

Wagyu Beef - we raise Wagyu cattle in Markdale, Grey County, Ontario without the use of added hormones or antibiotics.
Wagyu refers to Japanese breeds of cattle that produce premium quality and highly marbled beef.

Angus Beef - we have been breeding registered* Angus cattle for 20 years, resulting in the some of the highest marbled and best tasting beef this side of Wagyu, also raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics.
Angus is a top choice for beef in both Canada and the United States.

*registered with the Canadian Angus Association

100% Grass Fed Beef – These traditional British breeds graze on rotating pastures during the warmer months and are fed exclusively dried grasses for a few of the coldest winter months. Raised without added hormones or antibiotics,
this beef is nutritious and traditionally leaner than some other types of beef.

100% Grass Fed Lamb- Raised next-door to our cattle farm in Grey County, Ontario, the Buschbeck Farms flock is also raised without the use of antibiotics. (All lamb in Canada is raised without added hormones)