The Retreat
The Retreat Gift Box For Men
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The Retreat

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A cabin in the snowy woods, a warm fire gently burning, old yeller curled up at your feet. Ok, we can’t put all of that in a box BUT we have all the lovely things that it demands.

**Canada-wide shipping is available for this gift** 

  • CEDAR CANDLE- The nostalgic scent of summer in the woods, with classic notes of smoke and cedar. Inspired by rainy days wrapped in old wool blankets, campfires, and the distinctive scent of an old wood
    cabin. From Dot & LiL.
  • RYE WHISKY- Crafted using 100% Ontario rye and aged for four years in new Ontario oak, new American oak & first fill bourbon casks, this is a truly grain-to-the-glass Rye Whisky. From Dillon’s Distillery.
  • BIG JOE – Maple Caramel Crunch Chocolate Bar. Inspired by the French-Canadian Folk hero from Ottawa, Big Joe Mufferaw, as a snack worthy of the name. Originally inspired by Joseph Montferrand. From Delight Chocolate.
  • HERITAGE ROPE SOAP – The beauty of tradition captured in a scent. Notes of fresh water, wood, soft musk and orange blossoms. The fragrance of a proud history, and of well-made things passed carefully from one generation to the next From Dot & LiL.
  • SHAVE BRUSH - premium-quality horsehair shave brush. From Dot & LiL.
  • Playing Cards-


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